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1 /* Copyright (c) 2001 Matej Pfajfar.
2  * Copyright (c) 2001-2004, Roger Dingledine.
3  * Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson.
4  * Copyright (c) 2007-2019, The Tor Project, Inc. */
5 /* See LICENSE for licensing information */
18 int route_len_for_purpose(uint8_t purpose, extend_info_t *exit_ei);
19 char *circuit_list_path(origin_circuit_t *circ, int verbose);
21 void circuit_log_path(int severity, unsigned int domain,
22  origin_circuit_t *circ);
23 origin_circuit_t *origin_circuit_init(uint8_t purpose, int flags);
25  extend_info_t *exit,
26  int flags);
27 struct circuit_guard_state_t *origin_circuit_get_guard_state(
28  origin_circuit_t *circ);
30 void circuit_n_chan_done(channel_t *chan, int status,
31  int close_origin_circuits);
35 void circuit_note_clock_jumped(int64_t seconds_elapsed, bool was_idle);
36 int circuit_extend(cell_t *cell, circuit_t *circ);
38  const char *key_data, size_t key_data_len,
39  int reverse, int is_hs_v3);
40 struct created_cell_t;
42  const struct created_cell_t *created_cell);
43 int circuit_truncated(origin_circuit_t *circ, int reason);
45  const struct created_cell_t *created_cell,
46  const char *keys, size_t keys_len,
47  const uint8_t *rend_circ_nonce);
48 MOCK_DECL(int, circuit_all_predicted_ports_handled, (time_t now,
49  int *need_uptime,
50  int *need_capacity));
54 void onion_append_to_cpath(crypt_path_t **head_ptr, crypt_path_t *new_hop);
55 extend_info_t *extend_info_new(const char *nickname,
56  const char *rsa_id_digest,
57  const struct ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id,
58  crypto_pk_t *onion_key,
59  const struct curve25519_public_key_t *ntor_key,
60  const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port);
61 extend_info_t *extend_info_from_node(const node_t *r, int for_direct_connect);
64 #define extend_info_free(info) \
65  FREE_AND_NULL(extend_info_t, extend_info_free_, (info))
67 int extend_info_supports_tap(const extend_info_t* ei);
68 int extend_info_supports_ntor(const extend_info_t* ei);
69 int circuit_can_use_tap(const origin_circuit_t *circ);
70 int circuit_has_usable_onion_key(const origin_circuit_t *circ);
71 int extend_info_has_preferred_onion_key(const extend_info_t* ei);
76 struct circuit_guard_state_t;
78 const node_t *choose_good_entry_server(uint8_t purpose,
79  cpath_build_state_t *state,
80  struct circuit_guard_state_t **guard_state_out);
85 STATIC int new_route_len(uint8_t purpose, extend_info_t *exit_ei,
86  smartlist_t *nodes);
87 MOCK_DECL(STATIC int, count_acceptable_nodes, (smartlist_t *nodes,
88  int direct));
90 STATIC int onion_extend_cpath(origin_circuit_t *circ);
92 STATIC int
94  int is_hs_v3_rp_circuit);
96 #if defined(TOR_UNIT_TESTS)
97 unsigned int cpath_get_n_hops(crypt_path_t **head_ptr);
99 #endif /* defined(TOR_UNIT_TESTS) */
101 #endif /* defined(CIRCUITBUILD_PRIVATE) */
103 #endif /* !defined(TOR_CIRCUITBUILD_H) */
extend_info_t * extend_info_new(const char *nickname, const char *rsa_id_digest, const ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id, crypto_pk_t *onion_key, const curve25519_public_key_t *ntor_key, const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port)
Definition: node_st.h:28
int circuit_append_new_exit(origin_circuit_t *circ, extend_info_t *info)
int circuit_send_next_onion_skin(origin_circuit_t *circ)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:939
void extend_info_free_(extend_info_t *info)
Definition: cell_st.h:12
int circuit_finish_handshake(origin_circuit_t *circ, const created_cell_t *reply)
void circuit_upgrade_circuits_from_guard_wait(void)
const uint8_t * build_state_get_exit_rsa_id(cpath_build_state_t *state)
char * circuit_list_path(origin_circuit_t *circ, int verbose)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:339
struct circuit_guard_state_t * origin_circuit_get_guard_state(origin_circuit_t *circ)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:509
STATIC int onion_pick_cpath_exit(origin_circuit_t *circ, extend_info_t *exit_ei, int is_hs_v3_rp_circuit)
origin_circuit_t * circuit_establish_circuit(uint8_t purpose, extend_info_t *exit, int flags)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:480
int circuit_truncated(origin_circuit_t *circ, int reason)
int circuit_init_cpath_crypto(crypt_path_t *cpath, const char *key_data, size_t key_data_len, int reverse, int is_hs_v3)
char * circuit_list_path_for_controller(origin_circuit_t *circ)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:348
void onion_append_to_cpath(crypt_path_t **head_ptr, crypt_path_t *new_hop)
int circuit_timeout_want_to_count_circ(const origin_circuit_t *circ)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:843
int circuit_extend_to_new_exit(origin_circuit_t *circ, extend_info_t *info)
const char * build_state_get_exit_nickname(cpath_build_state_t *state)
STATIC circid_t get_unique_circ_id_by_chan(channel_t *chan)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:128
origin_circuit_t * origin_circuit_init(uint8_t purpose, int flags)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:454
void circuit_note_clock_jumped(int64_t seconds_elapsed, bool was_idle)
int onionskin_answer(or_circuit_t *circ, const created_cell_t *created_cell, const char *keys, size_t keys_len, const uint8_t *rend_circ_nonce)
int circuit_extend(cell_t *cell, circuit_t *circ)
int circuit_handle_first_hop(origin_circuit_t *circ)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:541
int extend_info_addr_is_allowed(const tor_addr_t *addr)
int inform_testing_reachability(void)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:776
uint32_t circid_t
Definition: or.h:608
extend_info_t * extend_info_dup(extend_info_t *info)
const node_t * build_state_get_exit_node(cpath_build_state_t *state)
#define MOCK_DECL(rv, funcname, arglist)
Definition: testsupport.h:94
void circuit_log_path(int severity, unsigned int domain, origin_circuit_t *circ)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:358
const node_t * choose_good_entry_server(uint8_t purpose, cpath_build_state_t *state, struct circuit_guard_state_t **guard_state_out)
STATIC int new_route_len(uint8_t purpose, extend_info_t *exit_ei, smartlist_t *nodes)
void circuit_n_chan_done(channel_t *chan, int status, int close_origin_circuits)
Definition: circuitbuild.c:629
STATIC int onion_extend_cpath(origin_circuit_t *circ)
int route_len_for_purpose(uint8_t purpose, extend_info_t *exit_ei)
extend_info_t * extend_info_from_node(const node_t *r, int for_direct_connect)