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channel_listener_t Struct Reference

Public Types


Data Fields

channel_listener_state_t state
uint64_t global_identifier
unsigned char registered:1
enum channel_listener_s:: { ... }  reason_for_closing
time_t timestamp_created
time_t timestamp_active
void(* free_fn )(channel_listener_t *)
void(* close )(channel_listener_t *)
const char *(* describe_transport )(channel_listener_t *)
void(* dumpstats )(channel_listener_t *, int)
channel_listener_fn_ptr listener
time_t timestamp_accepted
uint64_t n_accepted

Detailed Description

Definition at line 467 of file channel.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Why did we close?

Definition at line 481 of file channel.h.

Field Documentation

◆ close

void(* close) (channel_listener_t *)

Close an open channel

Definition at line 497 of file channel.h.

◆ describe_transport

const char*(* describe_transport) (channel_listener_t *)

Describe the transport subclass for this channel

Definition at line 499 of file channel.h.

◆ dumpstats

void(* dumpstats) (channel_listener_t *, int)

Optional method to dump transport-specific statistics on the channel

Definition at line 501 of file channel.h.

◆ free_fn

void(* free_fn) (channel_listener_t *)

Free a channel

Definition at line 495 of file channel.h.

◆ global_identifier

uint64_t global_identifier

Globally unique ID number for a channel over the lifetime of a Tor process.

Definition at line 474 of file channel.h.

◆ incoming_list

smartlist_t* incoming_list

List of pending incoming connections

Definition at line 507 of file channel.h.

◆ listener

channel_listener_fn_ptr listener

Registered listen handler to call on incoming connection

Definition at line 504 of file channel.h.

◆ n_accepted

uint64_t n_accepted

Counters for listeners

Definition at line 513 of file channel.h.

◆ reason_for_closing

enum { ... } reason_for_closing

Why did we close?

◆ registered

unsigned char registered

Should we expect to see this channel in the channel lists?

Definition at line 477 of file channel.h.

◆ state

Current channel listener state

Definition at line 469 of file channel.h.

◆ timestamp_accepted

time_t timestamp_accepted

Timestamps for listeners

Definition at line 510 of file channel.h.

◆ timestamp_created

time_t timestamp_created

Timestamps for both cell channels and listeners

Definition at line 489 of file channel.h.

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