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bloomfilt.h File Reference

Header for bloomfilt.c. More...

#include "orconfig.h"
#include "lib/cc/torint.h"
#include "lib/container/bitarray.h"

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#define bloomfilt_free(set)   FREE_AND_NULL(bloomfilt_t, bloomfilt_free_, (set))


typedef uint64_t(* bloomfilt_hash_fn) (const struct sipkey *key, const void *item)


void bloomfilt_add (bloomfilt_t *set, const void *item)
int bloomfilt_probably_contains (const bloomfilt_t *set, const void *item)
bloomfilt_tbloomfilt_new (int max_elements, bloomfilt_hash_fn hashfn, const uint8_t *random_key)
void bloomfilt_free_ (bloomfilt_t *set)

Detailed Description

Header for bloomfilt.c.

Definition in file bloomfilt.h.

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How much key material do we need to randomize hashes?

Definition at line 26 of file bloomfilt.h.



How many 64-bit siphash values to extract per item.

Definition at line 23 of file bloomfilt.h.

Function Documentation

◆ bloomfilt_add()

void bloomfilt_add ( bloomfilt_t set,
const void *  item 

Add the element item to set.

Definition at line 38 of file bloomfilt.c.

Referenced by address_set_add(), and digestset_add().

◆ bloomfilt_free_()

void bloomfilt_free_ ( bloomfilt_t set)

Free all storage held in set.

Definition at line 107 of file bloomfilt.c.

◆ bloomfilt_new()

bloomfilt_t* bloomfilt_new ( int  max_elements,
bloomfilt_hash_fn  hashfn,
const uint8_t *  random_key 

Return a newly allocated bloomfilt_t, optimized to hold a total of max_elements elements with a reasonably low false positive weight.

Uses the siphash-based function hashfn to compute hard-to-collide functions of the items, and the key material random_key to key the hash. There must be BLOOMFILT_KEY_LEN bytes in the supplied key.

Definition at line 78 of file bloomfilt.c.

◆ bloomfilt_probably_contains()

int bloomfilt_probably_contains ( const bloomfilt_t set,
const void *  item 

If item is in set, return nonzero. Otherwise, probably return zero.

Definition at line 54 of file bloomfilt.c.

Referenced by address_set_probably_contains(), and digestset_probably_contains().