btrack_orconn_maps.h File Reference

Header file for btrack_orconn_maps.c. More...

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void bto_delete (uint64_t)
bt_orconn_t * bto_find_or_new (uint64_t, uint64_t)
void bto_init_maps (void)
void bto_clear_maps (void)

Detailed Description

Header file for btrack_orconn_maps.c.

Definition in file btrack_orconn_maps.h.

Function Documentation

◆ bto_clear_maps()

void bto_clear_maps ( void  )

Clear the hash maps, freeing all associated storage

Definition at line 220 of file btrack_orconn_maps.c.

Referenced by btrack_orconn_fini().

◆ bto_delete()

void bto_delete ( uint64_t  gid)

Delete a bt_orconn from the hash maps by GID

Definition at line 110 of file btrack_orconn_maps.c.

◆ bto_find_or_new()

bt_orconn_t* bto_find_or_new ( uint64_t  gid,
uint64_t  chan 

Insert a new bt_orconn with the given GID and chan ID, or update the GID and chan ID if one already exists.

Return the found or allocated bt_orconn.

Definition at line 189 of file btrack_orconn_maps.c.

Referenced by bto_chan_rcvr(), and bto_state_rcvr().

◆ bto_init_maps()

void bto_init_maps ( void  )

Initialize the hash maps

Definition at line 210 of file btrack_orconn_maps.c.

Referenced by btrack_orconn_init().