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#define BW_FILE_HEADERS_TERMINATOR   "=====\n"


int dirserv_read_measured_bandwidths (const char *from_file, smartlist_t *routerstatuses, smartlist_t *bw_file_headers, uint8_t *digest_out)
int dirserv_query_measured_bw_cache_kb (const char *node_id, long *bw_out, time_t *as_of_out)
void dirserv_clear_measured_bw_cache (void)
int dirserv_has_measured_bw (const char *node_id)
int dirserv_get_measured_bw_cache_size (void)
void dirserv_count_measured_bws (const smartlist_t *routers)
int dirserv_get_last_n_measured_bws (void)
uint32_t dirserv_get_credible_bandwidth_kb (const routerinfo_t *ri)

Detailed Description

Header file for bwauth.c.

Definition in file bwauth.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define BW_FILE_HEADERS_TERMINATOR   "=====\n"

Terminatore that separates bandwidth file headers from bandwidth file relay lines

Definition at line 20 of file bwauth.h.



Maximum allowable length of bandwidth headers in a bandwidth file

Definition at line 16 of file bwauth.h.

Function Documentation

◆ dirserv_clear_measured_bw_cache()

void dirserv_clear_measured_bw_cache ( void  )

Clear and free the measured bandwidth cache

Definition at line 103 of file bwauth.c.

◆ dirserv_count_measured_bws()

void dirserv_count_measured_bws ( const smartlist_t routers)

Look through the routerlist, and using the measured bandwidth cache count how many measured bandwidths we know. This is used to decide whether we ever trust advertised bandwidths for purposes of assigning flags.

Definition at line 39 of file bwauth.c.

◆ dirserv_get_credible_bandwidth_kb()

uint32_t dirserv_get_credible_bandwidth_kb ( const routerinfo_t ri)

Return the bandwidth we believe for assigning flags; prefer measured over advertised, and if we have above a threshold quantity of measured bandwidths, we don't want to ever give flags to unmeasured routers, so return 0.

Definition at line 177 of file bwauth.c.

Referenced by dirauth_set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo(), and dirserv_thinks_router_is_unreliable().

◆ dirserv_get_last_n_measured_bws()

int dirserv_get_last_n_measured_bws ( void  )

Return the last-computed result from dirserv_count_mesured_bws().

Definition at line 55 of file bwauth.c.

◆ dirserv_get_measured_bw_cache_size()

int dirserv_get_measured_bw_cache_size ( void  )

Get the current size of the measured bandwidth cache

Definition at line 166 of file bwauth.c.

◆ dirserv_has_measured_bw()

int dirserv_has_measured_bw ( const char *  node_id)

Predicate wrapper for dirserv_query_measured_bw_cache()

Definition at line 159 of file bwauth.c.

Referenced by dirserv_count_measured_bws(), and router_counts_toward_thresholds().

◆ dirserv_query_measured_bw_cache_kb()

int dirserv_query_measured_bw_cache_kb ( const char *  node_id,
long *  bw_kb_out,
time_t *  as_of_out 

Query the cache by identity digest, return value indicates whether we found it. The bw_out and as_of_out pointers receive the cached bandwidth value and the time it was cached if not NULL.

Definition at line 138 of file bwauth.c.

Referenced by dirserv_get_bandwidth_for_router_kb(), dirserv_get_credible_bandwidth_kb(), and dirserv_has_measured_bw().

◆ dirserv_read_measured_bandwidths()

int dirserv_read_measured_bandwidths ( const char *  from_file,
smartlist_t routerstatuses,
smartlist_t bw_file_headers,
uint8_t *  digest_out 

Read the measured bandwidth list from_file:

  • store all the headers in bw_file_headers,
  • apply bandwidth lines to the list of vote_routerstatus_t in routerstatuses,
  • cache bandwidth lines for dirserv_get_bandwidth_for_router(),
  • expire old entries in the measured bandwidth cache, and
  • store the DIGEST_SHA256 of the contents of the file in digest_out.

Returns -1 on error, 0 otherwise.

If the file can't be read, or is empty:

  • bw_file_headers is empty,
  • routerstatuses is not modified,
  • the measured bandwidth cache is not modified, and
  • digest_out is the zero-byte digest.

Otherwise, if there is an error later in the file:

  • bw_file_headers contains all the headers up to the error,
  • routerstatuses is updated with all the relay lines up to the error,
  • the measured bandwidth cache is updated with all the relay lines up to the error,
  • if the timestamp is valid and recent, old entries in the measured bandwidth cache are expired, and
  • digest_out is the digest up to the first read error (if any). The digest is taken over all the readable file contents, even if the file is outdated or unparseable.

Definition at line 232 of file bwauth.c.