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tor_compress_output_t tor_cnone_compress_process (char **out, size_t *out_len, const char **in, size_t *in_len, int finish)

Detailed Description

Header for compress_none.c.

Definition in file compress_none.h.

Function Documentation

◆ tor_cnone_compress_process()

tor_compress_output_t tor_cnone_compress_process ( char **  out,
size_t *  out_len,
const char **  in,
size_t *  in_len,
int  finish 

Transfer some bytes using the identity transformation. Read up to *in_len bytes from *in, and write up to *out_len bytes to *out, adjusting the values as we go. If finish is true, we've reached the end of the input.

Return TOR_COMPRESS_DONE if we've finished the entire compression/decompression. Return TOR_COMPRESS_OK if we're processed everything from the input. Return TOR_COMPRESS_BUFFER_FULL if we're out of space on out. Return TOR_COMPRESS_ERROR if the stream is corrupt.

Definition at line 38 of file compress_none.c.