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control_cmd.h File Reference

Header file for control_cmd.c. More...

#include "lib/malloc/malloc.h"

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Data Structures

struct  control_cmd_syntax_t


#define control_cmd_args_free(v)    FREE_AND_NULL(control_cmd_args_t, control_cmd_args_free_, (v))


int handle_control_command (control_connection_t *conn, uint32_t cmd_data_len, char *args)
void control_cmd_free_all (void)
void control_cmd_args_free_ (control_cmd_args_t *args)
void control_cmd_args_wipe (control_cmd_args_t *args)

Detailed Description

Header file for control_cmd.c.

Definition in file control_cmd.h.

Function Documentation

◆ control_cmd_args_free_()

void control_cmd_args_free_ ( control_cmd_args_t args)

Release all storage held in args

Definition at line 69 of file control_cmd.c.

◆ control_cmd_args_wipe()

void control_cmd_args_wipe ( control_cmd_args_t args)

Erase all memory held in args.

Definition at line 86 of file control_cmd.c.

◆ handle_control_command()

int handle_control_command ( control_connection_t conn,
uint32_t  cmd_data_len,
char *  args 

Run a given controller command, as selected by the current_cmd field of conn.

Definition at line 2204 of file control_cmd.c.