digest_sizes.h File Reference

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#define DIGEST_LEN   20
#define DIGEST256_LEN   32
#define DIGEST512_LEN   64

Detailed Description

Definitions for common sizes of cryptographic digests.

Tor uses digests throughout its codebase, even in parts that don't actually calculate the digests.

Definition in file digest_sizes.h.

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#define DIGEST256_LEN   32

Length of the output of our second (improved) message digests. (For now this is just sha256, but it could be any other 256-bit digest.)

Definition at line 23 of file digest_sizes.h.


#define DIGEST512_LEN   64

Length of the output of our 64-bit optimized message digests (SHA512).

Definition at line 25 of file digest_sizes.h.


#define DIGEST_LEN   20

Length of the output of our message digest.

Definition at line 20 of file digest_sizes.h.