intmath Directory Reference

lib/intmath: Integer mathematics.



file  addsub.c [code]
 Helpers for addition and subtraction.
file  addsub.h [code]
 Header for addsub.c.
file  bits.c [code]
 Count the bits in an integer, manipulate powers of 2, etc.
file  bits.h [code]
 Header for bits.c.
file  cmp.h [code]
 Macro definitions for MIN, MAX, and CLAMP.
file  logic.h [code]
 Macros for comparing the boolean value of integers.
file  muldiv.c [code]
 Integer math related to multiplication, division, and rounding.
file  muldiv.h [code]
 Header for muldiv.c.
file  weakrng.c [code]
 A weak but fast PRNG based on a linear congruential generator.
file  weakrng.h [code]
 Header for weakrng.c.

Detailed Description

lib/intmath: Integer mathematics.