git_revision.h File Reference

Header for git_revision.c. More...

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const char tor_git_revision []
const char tor_bug_suffix []

Detailed Description

Header for git_revision.c.

Definition in file git_revision.h.

Variable Documentation

◆ tor_bug_suffix

const char tor_bug_suffix[]

String appended to Tor bug messages describing the Tor version.

It has the form "(on Tor" or "(on Tor git-b994397f1af193f8)"

Definition at line 32 of file git_revision.c.

◆ tor_git_revision

const char tor_git_revision[]

String describing which Tor Git repository version the source was built from. This string is generated by a bit of shell kludging in src/core/, and is usually right.

Definition at line 18 of file git_revision.c.

Referenced by get_version().