hs_control.h File Reference
#include "feature/hs/hs_ident.h"

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void hs_control_desc_event_requested (const ed25519_public_key_t *onion_pk, const char *base64_blinded_pk, const routerstatus_t *hsdir_rs)
void hs_control_desc_event_failed (const hs_ident_dir_conn_t *ident, const char *hsdir_id_digest, const char *reason)
void hs_control_desc_event_received (const hs_ident_dir_conn_t *ident, const char *hsdir_id_digest)
void hs_control_desc_event_created (const char *onion_address, const ed25519_public_key_t *blinded_pk)
void hs_control_desc_event_upload (const char *onion_address, const char *hsdir_id_digest, const ed25519_public_key_t *blinded_pk, const uint8_t *hsdir_index)
void hs_control_desc_event_uploaded (const hs_ident_dir_conn_t *ident, const char *hsdir_id_digest)
void hs_control_desc_event_content (const hs_ident_dir_conn_t *ident, const char *hsdir_id_digest, const char *body)
int hs_control_hspost_command (const char *body, const char *onion_address, const smartlist_t *hsdirs_rs)
void hs_control_hsfetch_command (const ed25519_public_key_t *onion_identity_pk, const smartlist_t *hsdirs)

Detailed Description

Header file containing control port event related code.

Definition in file hs_control.h.