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1 /* Copyright (c) 2001 Matej Pfajfar.
2  * Copyright (c) 2001-2004, Roger Dingledine.
3  * Copyright (c) 2004-2006, Roger Dingledine, Nick Mathewson.
4  * Copyright (c) 2007-2020, The Tor Project, Inc. */
5 /* See LICENSE for licensing information */
7 /**
8  * \file nodelist.h
9  * \brief Header file for nodelist.c.
10  **/
12 #ifndef TOR_NODELIST_H
13 #define TOR_NODELIST_H
18 #define node_assert_ok(n) STMT_BEGIN { \
19  tor_assert((n)->ri || (n)->rs); \
20  } STMT_END
22 MOCK_DECL(node_t *, node_get_mutable_by_id,(const char *identity_digest));
23 MOCK_DECL(const node_t *, node_get_by_id, (const char *identity_digest));
25  const struct ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id);
27  (const struct ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id));
29 #define NNF_NO_WARN_UNNAMED (1u<<0)
31 const node_t *node_get_by_hex_id(const char *identity_digest,
32  unsigned flags);
39 void nodelist_remove_microdesc(const char *identity_digest, microdesc_t *md);
41 void nodelist_purge(void);
44 void nodelist_free_all(void);
45 void nodelist_assert_ok(void);
48  (const char *nickname, unsigned flags));
49 void node_get_verbose_nickname(const node_t *node,
50  char *verbose_name_out);
51 void node_get_verbose_nickname_by_id(const char *id_digest,
52  char *verbose_name_out);
53 int node_is_dir(const node_t *node);
54 int node_is_good_exit(const node_t *node);
55 int node_has_any_descriptor(const node_t *node);
57  int for_direct_connect);
58 int node_get_purpose(const node_t *node);
59 #define node_is_bridge(node) \
60  (node_get_purpose((node)) == ROUTER_PURPOSE_BRIDGE)
61 int node_is_me(const node_t *node);
62 int node_exit_policy_rejects_all(const node_t *node);
63 int node_exit_policy_is_exact(const node_t *node, sa_family_t family);
65 int node_allows_single_hop_exits(const node_t *node);
66 const char *node_get_nickname(const node_t *node);
67 const char *node_get_platform(const node_t *node);
68 uint32_t node_get_prim_addr_ipv4h(const node_t *node);
69 void node_get_address_string(const node_t *node, char *cp, size_t len);
70 long node_get_declared_uptime(const node_t *node);
71 const struct ed25519_public_key_t *node_get_ed25519_id(const node_t *node);
72 int node_ed25519_id_matches(const node_t *node,
73  const struct ed25519_public_key_t *id);
75  int compatible_with_us);
76 int node_supports_v3_hsdir(const node_t *node);
77 int node_supports_ed25519_hs_intro(const node_t *node);
80 const uint8_t *node_get_rsa_id_digest(const node_t *node);
81 smartlist_t *node_get_link_specifier_smartlist(const node_t *node,
82  bool direct_conn);
83 void link_specifier_smartlist_free_(smartlist_t *ls_list);
84 #define link_specifier_smartlist_free(ls_list) \
85  FREE_AND_NULL(smartlist_t, link_specifier_smartlist_free_, (ls_list))
87 int node_has_ipv6_addr(const node_t *node);
88 int node_has_ipv6_orport(const node_t *node);
89 int node_has_ipv6_dirport(const node_t *node);
90 /* Deprecated - use node_ipv6_or_preferred or node_ipv6_dir_preferred */
91 #define node_ipv6_preferred(node) node_ipv6_or_preferred(node)
92 int node_ipv6_or_preferred(const node_t *node);
93 void node_get_prim_orport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out);
94 void node_get_pref_orport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out);
95 void node_get_pref_ipv6_orport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out);
96 int node_ipv6_dir_preferred(const node_t *node);
97 void node_get_prim_dirport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out);
98 void node_get_pref_dirport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out);
99 void node_get_pref_ipv6_dirport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out);
100 int node_has_curve25519_onion_key(const node_t *node);
102  const node_t *node);
103 crypto_pk_t *node_get_rsa_onion_key(const node_t *node);
105 MOCK_DECL(const smartlist_t *, nodelist_get_list, (void));
107 /* Temporary during transition to multiple addresses. */
108 void node_get_addr(const node_t *node, tor_addr_t *addr_out);
109 #define node_get_addr_ipv4h(n) node_get_prim_addr_ipv4h((n))
111 void nodelist_refresh_countries(void);
112 void node_set_country(node_t *node);
113 void nodelist_add_node_and_family(smartlist_t *nodes, const node_t *node);
114 int nodes_in_same_family(const node_t *node1, const node_t *node2);
116 const node_t *router_find_exact_exit_enclave(const char *address,
117  uint16_t port);
118 int node_is_unreliable(const node_t *router, int need_uptime,
119  int need_capacity, int need_guard);
120 int router_exit_policy_all_nodes_reject(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port,
121  int need_uptime);
122 void router_set_status(const char *digest, int up);
124  const tor_addr_t *a2);
126 /** router_have_minimum_dir_info tests to see if we have enough
127  * descriptor information to create circuits.
128  * If there are exits in the consensus, we wait until we have enough
129  * info to create exit paths before creating any circuits. If there are
130  * no exits in the consensus, we wait for enough info to create internal
131  * paths, and should avoid creating exit paths, as they will simply fail.
132  * We make sure we create all available circuit types at the same time. */
135 /** Set to CONSENSUS_PATH_EXIT if there is at least one exit node
136  * in the consensus. We update this flag in compute_frac_paths_available if
137  * there is at least one relay that has an Exit flag in the consensus.
138  * Used to avoid building exit circuits when they will almost certainly fail.
139  * Set to CONSENSUS_PATH_INTERNAL if there are no exits in the consensus.
140  * (This situation typically occurs during bootstrap of a test network.)
141  * Set to CONSENSUS_PATH_UNKNOWN if we have never checked, or have
142  * reason to believe our last known value was invalid or has expired.
143  */
144 typedef enum {
145  /* we haven't checked yet, or we have invalidated our previous check */
147  /* The consensus only has internal relays, and we should only
148  * create internal paths, circuits, streams, ... */
150  /* The consensus has at least one exit, and can therefore (potentially)
151  * create exit and internal paths, circuits, streams, ... */
157 void router_dir_info_changed(void);
158 const char *get_dir_info_status_string(void);
163 STATIC int node_nickname_matches(const node_t *node, const char *nickname);
165  const node_t *node);
166 STATIC int node_family_contains(const node_t *n1, const node_t *n2);
167 STATIC bool node_has_declared_family(const node_t *node);
168 STATIC void node_lookup_declared_family(smartlist_t *out, const node_t *node);
170 #ifdef TOR_UNIT_TESTS
172 STATIC void node_set_hsdir_index(node_t *node, const networkstatus_t *ns);
174 #endif /* defined(TOR_UNIT_TESTS) */
176 #endif /* defined(NODELIST_PRIVATE) */
178 MOCK_DECL(int, get_estimated_address_per_node, (void));
180 #endif /* !defined(TOR_NODELIST_H) */
const node_t * router_find_exact_exit_enclave(const char *address, uint16_t port)
Definition: nodelist.c:2174
int node_is_dir(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1315
const char * node_get_nickname(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1301
const node_t * node_get_by_nickname(const char *nickname, unsigned flags)
Definition: nodelist.c:986
int node_exit_policy_is_exact(const node_t *node, sa_family_t family)
Definition: nodelist.c:1447
Definition: node_st.h:34
node_t * nodelist_set_routerinfo(routerinfo_t *ri, routerinfo_t **ri_old_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:493
uint16_t sa_family_t
Definition: inaddr_st.h:77
int node_is_me(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1608
void node_get_verbose_nickname(const node_t *node, char *verbose_name_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1384
int node_has_any_descriptor(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1338
const struct ed25519_public_key_t * node_get_ed25519_id(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1051
smartlist_t * node_get_all_orports(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1504
void node_get_addr(const node_t *node, tor_addr_t *addr_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1542
int node_ipv6_dir_preferred(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1772
long node_get_declared_uptime(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1585
void node_get_pref_dirport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1818
int node_is_unreliable(const node_t *router, int need_uptime, int need_capacity, int need_guard)
Definition: nodelist.c:2205
int addrs_in_same_network_family(const tor_addr_t *a1, const tor_addr_t *a2)
Definition: nodelist.c:1960
uint32_t node_get_prim_addr_ipv4h(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1552
node_t * node_get_mutable_by_id(const char *identity_digest)
Definition: nodelist.c:194
void node_get_pref_ipv6_orport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1730
const uint8_t * node_get_rsa_id_digest(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1197
int node_supports_ed25519_link_authentication(const node_t *node, int compatible_with_us)
Definition: nodelist.c:1135
STATIC void node_lookup_declared_family(smartlist_t *out, const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:2041
Definition: nodelist.h:144
void nodelist_free_all(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:827
#define STATIC
Definition: testsupport.h:32
void nodelist_remove_microdesc(const char *identity_digest, microdesc_t *md)
Definition: nodelist.c:713
void node_set_country(node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1935
STATIC int node_family_contains(const node_t *n1, const node_t *n2)
Definition: nodelist.c:2006
int node_exit_policy_rejects_all(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1430
int router_exit_policy_all_nodes_reject(const tor_addr_t *addr, uint16_t port, int need_uptime)
Definition: nodelist.c:2220
void nodelist_set_consensus(networkstatus_t *ns)
Definition: nodelist.c:603
const char * get_dir_info_status_string(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:2351
int node_allows_single_hop_exits(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1419
int node_supports_establish_intro_dos_extension(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1172
consensus_path_type_t router_have_consensus_path(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:2330
int node_supports_v3_rendezvous_point(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1183
void nodelist_refresh_countries(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:1950
int node_supports_ed25519_hs_intro(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1162
void nodelist_ensure_freshness(networkstatus_t *ns)
Definition: nodelist.c:928
void node_get_pref_ipv6_dirport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1833
int router_have_minimum_dir_info(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:2297
void nodelist_remove_routerinfo(routerinfo_t *ri)
Definition: nodelist.c:727
smartlist_t * nodelist_find_nodes_with_microdesc(const microdesc_t *md)
Definition: nodelist.c:767
void router_set_status(const char *digest, int up)
Definition: nodelist.c:2241
STATIC bool node_has_declared_family(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:2021
int node_supports_v3_hsdir(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1152
int node_has_preferred_descriptor(const node_t *node, int for_direct_connect)
Definition: nodelist.c:1351
int nodes_in_same_family(const node_t *node1, const node_t *node2)
Definition: nodelist.c:2062
void router_dir_info_changed(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:2340
int nodelist_probably_contains_address(const tor_addr_t *addr)
Definition: nodelist.c:477
void node_get_pref_orport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1715
void node_get_verbose_nickname_by_id(const char *id_digest, char *verbose_name_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1404
const char * node_get_platform(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1595
const struct curve25519_public_key_t * node_get_curve25519_onion_key(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1889
int node_has_curve25519_onion_key(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1882
const node_t * node_get_by_id(const char *identity_digest)
Definition: nodelist.c:223
void node_get_prim_orport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1694
#define MOCK_DECL(rv, funcname, arglist)
Definition: testsupport.h:127
const node_t * node_get_by_hex_id(const char *identity_digest, unsigned flags)
Definition: nodelist.c:959
int node_ed25519_id_matches(const node_t *node, const ed25519_public_key_t *id)
Definition: nodelist.c:1096
node_t * nodelist_add_microdesc(microdesc_t *md)
Definition: nodelist.c:549
void nodelist_purge(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:798
int node_get_purpose(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1372
STATIC int node_in_nickname_smartlist(const smartlist_t *lst, const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1994
const smartlist_t * nodelist_get_list(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:948
void node_get_prim_dirport(const node_t *node, tor_addr_port_t *ap_out)
Definition: nodelist.c:1795
void nodelist_add_node_and_family(smartlist_t *nodes, const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:2109
void node_get_address_string(const node_t *node, char *cp, size_t len)
Definition: nodelist.c:1569
void nodelist_assert_ok(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:851
int node_is_good_exit(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:698
STATIC int node_nickname_matches(const node_t *node, const char *nickname)
Definition: nodelist.c:1982
int node_ipv6_or_preferred(const node_t *node)
Definition: nodelist.c:1664
node_t * node_get_mutable_by_ed25519_id(const ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id)
Definition: nodelist.c:207
const node_t * node_get_by_ed25519_id(const ed25519_public_key_t *ed_id)
Definition: nodelist.c:231
int count_loading_descriptors_progress(void)
Definition: nodelist.c:2641