Data Fields
crypto_digest_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

digest_algorithm_t algorithm
union {
   PK11Context *   ctx
   keccak_state   sha3
   SHA_CTX   sha1
   SHA256_CTX   sha2
   SHA512_CTX   sha512

Detailed Description

Intermediate information about the digest of a stream of data.

State for computing a digest over a stream of data.

Definition at line 166 of file crypto_digest_nss.c.

Field Documentation

◆ algorithm

digest_algorithm_t algorithm

◆ d

union { ... } d

State for the digest we're using. Only one member of the union is usable, depending on the value of algorithm. Note also that space for other members might not even be allocated!

Referenced by crypto_digest_assign(), crypto_digest_checkpoint(), crypto_digest_free_(), and crypto_digest_restore().

◆ sha1

SHA_CTX sha1

state for SHA1

Definition at line 119 of file crypto_digest_openssl.c.

◆ sha2

SHA256_CTX sha2

state for SHA256

Definition at line 120 of file crypto_digest_openssl.c.

◆ sha3

state for SHA3-[256,512]

Definition at line 174 of file crypto_digest_nss.c.

◆ sha512

SHA512_CTX sha512

state for SHA512

Definition at line 121 of file crypto_digest_openssl.c.

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