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crypto_fast_rng_t Struct Reference

Data Structures

struct  cbuf_t

Data Fields

int16_t n_till_reseed
uint16_t bytes_left
struct crypto_fast_rng_t::cbuf_t buf

Detailed Description

A fast PRNG, for use when the PRNG provided by our crypto library isn't fast enough. This one should be cryptographically strong, but has seen less auditing than the PRNGs in OpenSSL and NSS. Use with caution.

Note that this object is NOT thread-safe. If you need a thread-safe prng, use crypto_rand(), or wrap this in a mutex.

Definition at line 95 of file crypto_rand_fast.c.

Field Documentation

◆ bytes_left

uint16_t bytes_left

How many bytes are remaining in cbuf_t.bytes?

Definition at line 105 of file crypto_rand_fast.c.

Referenced by crypto_fast_rng_getbytes_impl().

◆ n_till_reseed

int16_t n_till_reseed

How many more fills does this buffer have before we should mix in the output of crypto_strongest_rand()?

This value may be negative if unit tests are enabled. If so, it indicates that we should never mix in extra data from crypto_strongest_rand().

Definition at line 103 of file crypto_rand_fast.c.

Referenced by crypto_fast_rng_refill().

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