Data Fields
hs_service_intropoints_t Struct Reference

#include <hs_service.h>

Data Fields

time_t retry_period_started
unsigned int num_circuits_launched
digest256map_t * map
digestmap_t * failed_id

Detailed Description

Object handling introduction points of a service.

Definition at line 93 of file hs_service.h.

Field Documentation

◆ failed_id

digestmap_t* failed_id

Contains node's identity key digest that were introduction point for this descriptor but were retried to many times. We keep those so we avoid re-picking them over and over for a circuit retry period. XXX: Once we have #22173, change this to only use ed25519 identity.

Definition at line 110 of file hs_service.h.

Referenced by setup_intro_point_exclude_list().

◆ map

digest256map_t* map

Contains the current hs_service_intro_point_t objects indexed by authentication public key.

Definition at line 104 of file hs_service.h.

Referenced by pick_needed_intro_points(), should_service_upload_descriptor(), and update_service_descriptor_intro_points().

◆ num_circuits_launched

unsigned int num_circuits_launched

Number of circuit we've launched during a single retry period.

Definition at line 100 of file hs_service.h.

◆ retry_period_started

time_t retry_period_started

The time at which we've started our retry period to build circuits. We don't want to stress circuit creation so we can only retry for a certain time and then after we stop and wait.

Definition at line 97 of file hs_service.h.

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