Data Fields
parsed_consensus_request_t Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * flavor
consensus_flavor_t flav
const char * want_fps
int diff_only

Detailed Description

Encodes the results of parsing a consensus request to figure out what consensus, and possibly what diffs, the user asked for.

Definition at line 734 of file dircache.c.

Field Documentation

◆ diff_from_digests

smartlist_t* diff_from_digests

Optionally, a smartlist of sha3 digests-as-signed of the consensuses to return a diff from.

Definition at line 745 of file dircache.c.

Referenced by parsed_consensus_request_clear().

◆ diff_only

int diff_only

If true, never send a full consensus. If there is no diff, send a 404 instead.

Definition at line 748 of file dircache.c.

◆ flav

flavor to retrieve, as enum.

Definition at line 738 of file dircache.c.

Referenced by parse_consensus_request().

◆ flavor

char* flavor

name of the flavor to retrieve.

Definition at line 736 of file dircache.c.

Referenced by parsed_consensus_request_clear().

◆ want_fps

const char* want_fps

plus-separated list of authority fingerprints; see client_likes_consensus(). Aliases the URL in the request passed to parse_consensus_request().

Definition at line 742 of file dircache.c.

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