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transport_config.h File Reference

Header for feature/relay/transport_config.c. More...

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#define pt_get_bindaddr_from_config(transport)    (((void)(transport)),NULL)
#define pt_get_options_for_server_transport(transport)    (((void)(transport)),NULL)
#define options_validate_server_transport(old_options, options, msg)    (((void)(old_options)),((void)(options)),((void)(msg)),0)
#define options_act_server_transport(old_options)    (((void)(old_options)),0)


static int options_validate_server_transport (const struct or_options_t *old_options, struct or_options_t *options, char **msg)

Detailed Description

Header for feature/relay/transport_config.c.

Definition in file transport_config.h.

Function Documentation

◆ options_validate_server_transport()

static int options_validate_server_transport ( const struct or_options_t old_options,
struct or_options_t options,
char **  msg 

When tor is compiled with the relay module disabled, it can't be configured with server pluggable transports.

Returns -1 and sets msg to a newly allocated string, if ExtORPort, ServerTransportPlugin, ServerTransportListenAddr, or ServerTransportOptions are set in options. Otherwise returns 0.

Definition at line 48 of file transport_config.h.