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unparseable.h File Reference
#include "lib/cc/torint.h"

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#define DUMP_AREA(a, name)   STMT_NIL


 MOCK_DECL (void, dump_desc,(const char *desc, const char *type))
void dump_desc_fifo_cleanup (void)
void dump_desc_init (void)

Detailed Description

Header file for unparseable.c.

Definition in file unparseable.h.

Function Documentation

◆ dump_desc_fifo_cleanup()

void dump_desc_fifo_cleanup ( void  )

Clean up on exit; just memory, leave the dumps behind

Definition at line 234 of file unparseable.c.

References SMARTLIST_FOREACH_BEGIN, tor_assert(), and tor_free.

Referenced by routerparse_free_all().

◆ dump_desc_init()

void dump_desc_init ( void  )

Find the dump directory and check if we'll be able to create it

Definition at line 33 of file unparseable.c.

Referenced by routerparse_init().