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versions.c File Reference

Code to manipulate, parse, and compare Tor versions. More...

#include "core/or/or.h"
#include "core/or/protover.h"
#include "core/or/versions.h"
#include "lib/crypt_ops/crypto_util.h"
#include "core/or/tor_version_st.h"

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#define NUMBER(m)
#define DOT()
#define CMP(field)


time_t tor_get_approx_release_date (void)
version_status_t tor_version_is_obsolete (const char *myversion, const char *versionlist)
int tor_version_parse_platform (const char *platform, tor_version_t *router_version, int strict)
int tor_version_as_new_as (const char *platform, const char *cutoff)
int tor_version_parse (const char *s, tor_version_t *out)
int tor_version_compare (tor_version_t *a, tor_version_t *b)
int tor_version_same_series (tor_version_t *a, tor_version_t *b)
static int compare_tor_version_str_ptr_ (const void **_a, const void **_b)
void sort_version_list (smartlist_t *versions, int remove_duplicates)
static void memoize_protover_summary (protover_summary_flags_t *out, const char *protocols)
void summarize_protover_flags (protover_summary_flags_t *out, const char *protocols, const char *version)
void protover_summary_cache_free_all (void)


static const int MAX_PROTOVER_SUMMARY_MAP_LEN = 1024
static strmap_t * protover_summary_map = NULL

Detailed Description

Code to manipulate, parse, and compare Tor versions.

Definition in file versions.c.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CMP (   field)
do { \
unsigned aval = (unsigned) a->field; \
unsigned bval = (unsigned) b->field; \
int result = (int) (aval - bval); \
if (result < 0) \
return -1; \
else if (result > 0) \
return 1; \
} while (0)


#define DOT ( )
do { \
if (*cp != '.') \
return -1; \
++cp; \
} while (0)


#define NUMBER (   m)
do { \
if (!cp || *cp < '0' || *cp > '9') \
return -1; \
out->m = (int)tor_parse_uint64(cp, 10, 0, INT32_MAX, &ok, &eos); \
if (!ok) \
return -1; \
if (!eos || eos == cp) \
return -1; \
cp = eos; \
} while (0)
uint64_t tor_parse_uint64(const char *s, int base, uint64_t min, uint64_t max, int *ok, char **next)
Definition: parse_int.c:110

Function Documentation

◆ compare_tor_version_str_ptr_()

static int compare_tor_version_str_ptr_ ( const void **  _a,
const void **  _b 

Helper: Given pointers to two strings describing tor versions, return -1 if _a precedes _b, 1 if _b precedes _a, and 0 if they are equivalent. Used to sort a list of versions.

Definition at line 369 of file versions.c.

Referenced by sort_version_list().

◆ memoize_protover_summary()

static void memoize_protover_summary ( protover_summary_flags_t out,
const char *  protocols 

Helper. Given a non-NULL protover string protocols, set out to its summary, and memoize the result in protover_summary_map.

Definition at line 413 of file versions.c.

Referenced by summarize_protover_flags().

◆ protover_summary_cache_free_all()

void protover_summary_cache_free_all ( void  )

Free all space held in the protover_summary_map.

Definition at line 496 of file versions.c.

Referenced by memoize_protover_summary().

◆ sort_version_list()

void sort_version_list ( smartlist_t versions,
int  remove_duplicates 

Sort a list of string-representations of versions in ascending order.

Definition at line 391 of file versions.c.

◆ summarize_protover_flags()

void summarize_protover_flags ( protover_summary_flags_t out,
const char *  protocols,
const char *  version 

Summarize the protocols listed in protocols into out, falling back or correcting them based on version as appropriate.

Definition at line 466 of file versions.c.

◆ tor_get_approx_release_date()

time_t tor_get_approx_release_date ( void  )

Return the approximate date when this release came out, or was scheduled to come out, according to the APPROX_RELEASE_DATE set in

Definition at line 25 of file versions.c.

Referenced by networkstatus_check_required_protocols().

◆ tor_version_as_new_as()

int tor_version_as_new_as ( const char *  platform,
const char *  cutoff 

Parse the Tor version of the platform string platform, and compare it to the version in cutoff. Return 1 if the router is at least as new as the cutoff, else return 0.

Definition at line 171 of file versions.c.

Referenced by dirserv_rejects_tor_version(), protover_compute_for_old_tor(), and summarize_protover_flags().

◆ tor_version_compare()

int tor_version_compare ( tor_version_t a,
tor_version_t b 

Compare two tor versions; Return <0 if a < b; 0 if a ==b, >0 if a > b.

Definition at line 315 of file versions.c.

Referenced by compare_tor_version_str_ptr_().

◆ tor_version_is_obsolete()

version_status_t tor_version_is_obsolete ( const char *  myversion,
const char *  versionlist 

Return VS_RECOMMENDED if myversion is contained in versionlist. Else, return VS_EMPTY if versionlist has no entries. Else, return VS_OLD if every member of versionlist is newer than myversion. Else, return VS_NEW_IN_SERIES if there is at least one member of versionlist in the same series (major.minor.micro) as myversion, but no such member is newer than myversion.. Else, return VS_NEW if every member of versionlist is older than myversion. Else, return VS_UNRECOMMENDED.

(versionlist is a comma-separated list of version strings, optionally prefixed with "Tor". Versions that can't be parsed are ignored.)

Definition at line 53 of file versions.c.

◆ tor_version_parse()

int tor_version_parse ( const char *  s,
tor_version_t out 

Parse a tor version from s, and store the result in out. Return 0 on success, -1 on failure.

Definition at line 206 of file versions.c.

Referenced by compare_tor_version_str_ptr_(), and tor_version_as_new_as().

◆ tor_version_parse_platform()

int tor_version_parse_platform ( const char *  platform,
tor_version_t router_version,
int  strict 

Extract a Tor version from a platform line from a router descriptor, and place the result in router_version.

Return 1 on success, -1 on parsing failure, and 0 if the platform line does not indicate some version of Tor.

If strict is non-zero, finding any weird version components (like negative numbers) counts as a parsing failure.

Definition at line 127 of file versions.c.

◆ tor_version_same_series()

int tor_version_same_series ( tor_version_t a,
tor_version_t b 

Return true iff versions a and b belong to the same series.

Definition at line 356 of file versions.c.

Variable Documentation



If there are more than this many entries, we're probably under some kind of weird DoS.

Definition at line 401 of file versions.c.

Referenced by memoize_protover_summary().

◆ protover_summary_map

strmap_t* protover_summary_map = NULL

Map from protover string to protover_summary_flags_t.

Definition at line 406 of file versions.c.

Referenced by memoize_protover_summary().