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int fetch_var_cell_from_buf (struct buf_t *buf, struct var_cell_t **out, int linkproto)

Detailed Description

Header for proto_cell.c.

Definition in file proto_cell.h.

Function Documentation

◆ fetch_var_cell_from_buf()

int fetch_var_cell_from_buf ( buf_t *  buf,
var_cell_t **  out,
int  linkproto 

Check buf for a variable-length cell according to the rules of link protocol version linkproto. If one is found, pull it off the buffer and assign a newly allocated var_cell_t to *out, and return 1. Return 0 if whatever is on the start of buf_t is not a variable-length cell. Return 1 and set *out to NULL if there seems to be the start of a variable-length cell on buf, but the whole thing isn't there yet.

Definition at line 57 of file proto_cell.c.

Referenced by connection_fetch_var_cell_from_buf().