Data Fields
authority_cert_t Struct Reference

#include <authority_cert_st.h>

Data Fields

signed_descriptor_t cache_info
char signing_key_digest [DIGEST_LEN]
time_t expires
uint32_t addr
uint16_t dir_port

Detailed Description

Certificate for v3 directory protocol: binds long-term authority identity keys to medium-term authority signing keys.

Definition at line 14 of file authority_cert_st.h.

Field Documentation

◆ addr

uint32_t authority_cert_t::addr

This authority's IPv4 address, in host order.

Definition at line 26 of file authority_cert_st.h.

◆ cache_info

signed_descriptor_t authority_cert_t::cache_info

Information relating to caching this cert on disk and looking it up.

Definition at line 16 of file authority_cert_st.h.

Referenced by already_have_cert(), and authority_cert_free_().

◆ dir_port

uint16_t authority_cert_t::dir_port

This authority's directory port.

Definition at line 28 of file authority_cert_st.h.

◆ expires

time_t authority_cert_t::expires

The listed expiration time of this certificate.

Definition at line 24 of file authority_cert_st.h.

Referenced by networkstatus_check_consensus_signature().

◆ identity_key

crypto_pk_t* authority_cert_t::identity_key

This authority's long-term authority identity key.

Definition at line 18 of file authority_cert_st.h.

◆ signing_key

crypto_pk_t* authority_cert_t::signing_key

This authority's medium-term signing key.

Definition at line 20 of file authority_cert_st.h.

◆ signing_key_digest

char authority_cert_t::signing_key_digest[DIGEST_LEN]

The digest of signing_key

Definition at line 22 of file authority_cert_st.h.

Referenced by authority_cert_get_by_sk_digest(), and authority_cert_is_blacklisted().

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