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networkstatus.h File Reference
#include "lib/testsupport/testsupport.h"

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#define routerstatus_free(rs)   FREE_AND_NULL(routerstatus_t, routerstatus_free_, (rs))
#define networkstatus_vote_free(ns)   FREE_AND_NULL(networkstatus_t, networkstatus_vote_free_, (ns))
#define NSSET_FROM_CACHE   1
#define document_signature_free(sig)   FREE_AND_NULL(document_signature_t, document_signature_free_, (sig))
#define vote_routerstatus_free(rs)   FREE_AND_NULL(vote_routerstatus_t, vote_routerstatus_free_, (rs))


void networkstatus_reset_warnings (void)
void networkstatus_reset_download_failures (void)
tor_mmap_tnetworkstatus_map_cached_consensus (const char *flavorname)
int router_reload_consensus_networkstatus (void)
void routerstatus_free_ (routerstatus_t *rs)
void networkstatus_vote_free_ (networkstatus_t *ns)
networkstatus_voter_info_tnetworkstatus_get_voter_by_id (networkstatus_t *vote, const char *identity)
document_signature_tnetworkstatus_get_voter_sig_by_alg (const networkstatus_voter_info_t *voter, digest_algorithm_t alg)
int networkstatus_check_consensus_signature (networkstatus_t *consensus, int warn)
int networkstatus_check_document_signature (const networkstatus_t *consensus, document_signature_t *sig, const authority_cert_t *cert)
int compare_digest_to_routerstatus_entry (const void *_key, const void **_member)
int compare_digest_to_vote_routerstatus_entry (const void *_key, const void **_member)
 MOCK_DECL (const routerstatus_t *, networkstatus_vote_find_entry,(networkstatus_t *ns, const char *digest))
routerstatus_tnetworkstatus_vote_find_mutable_entry (networkstatus_t *ns, const char *digest)
int networkstatus_vote_find_entry_idx (networkstatus_t *ns, const char *digest, int *found_out)
 MOCK_DECL (download_status_t *, networkstatus_get_dl_status_by_flavor,(consensus_flavor_t flavor))
 MOCK_DECL (download_status_t *, networkstatus_get_dl_status_by_flavor_bootstrap,(consensus_flavor_t flavor))
 MOCK_DECL (download_status_t *, networkstatus_get_dl_status_by_flavor_running,(consensus_flavor_t flavor))
 MOCK_DECL (smartlist_t *, router_get_descriptor_digests,(void))
 MOCK_DECL (download_status_t *, router_get_dl_status_by_descriptor_digest,(const char *d))
const routerstatus_trouter_get_consensus_status_by_id (const char *digest)
routerstatus_trouter_get_mutable_consensus_status_by_id (const char *digest)
const routerstatus_trouter_get_consensus_status_by_descriptor_digest (networkstatus_t *consensus, const char *digest)
 MOCK_DECL (routerstatus_t *, router_get_mutable_consensus_status_by_descriptor_digest,(networkstatus_t *consensus, const char *digest))
int we_want_to_fetch_flavor (const or_options_t *options, int flavor)
int we_want_to_fetch_unknown_auth_certs (const or_options_t *options)
void networkstatus_consensus_download_failed (int status_code, const char *flavname)
void update_consensus_networkstatus_fetch_time (time_t now)
int should_delay_dir_fetches (const or_options_t *options, const char **msg_out)
void update_networkstatus_downloads (time_t now)
void update_certificate_downloads (time_t now)
int consensus_is_waiting_for_certs (void)
int client_would_use_router (const routerstatus_t *rs, time_t now)
 MOCK_DECL (networkstatus_t *, networkstatus_get_latest_consensus,(void))
 MOCK_DECL (networkstatus_t *, networkstatus_get_latest_consensus_by_flavor,(consensus_flavor_t f))
 MOCK_DECL (networkstatus_t *, networkstatus_get_live_consensus,(time_t now))
int networkstatus_is_live (const networkstatus_t *ns, time_t now)
int networkstatus_consensus_reasonably_live (const networkstatus_t *consensus, time_t now)
int networkstatus_valid_after_is_reasonably_live (time_t valid_after, time_t now)
int networkstatus_valid_until_is_reasonably_live (time_t valid_until, time_t now)
 MOCK_DECL (networkstatus_t *, networkstatus_get_reasonably_live_consensus,(time_t now, int flavor))
 MOCK_DECL (int, networkstatus_consensus_is_bootstrapping,(time_t now))
int networkstatus_consensus_can_use_multiple_directories (const or_options_t *options)
 MOCK_DECL (int, networkstatus_consensus_can_use_extra_fallbacks,(const or_options_t *options))
int networkstatus_consensus_is_already_downloading (const char *resource)
int networkstatus_consensus_has_ipv6 (const or_options_t *options)
int networkstatus_set_current_consensus (const char *consensus, size_t consensus_len, const char *flavor, unsigned flags, const char *source_dir)
void networkstatus_note_certs_arrived (const char *source_dir)
void routers_update_all_from_networkstatus (time_t now, int dir_version)
void routers_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus (smartlist_t *routers, int reset_failures)
void signed_descs_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus (smartlist_t *descs)
char * networkstatus_getinfo_helper_single (const routerstatus_t *rs)
char * networkstatus_getinfo_by_purpose (const char *purpose_string, time_t now)
 MOCK_DECL (int32_t, networkstatus_get_param,(const networkstatus_t *ns, const char *param_name, int32_t default_val, int32_t min_val, int32_t max_val))
int32_t networkstatus_get_overridable_param (const networkstatus_t *ns, int32_t torrc_value, const char *param_name, int32_t default_val, int32_t min_val, int32_t max_val)
int getinfo_helper_networkstatus (control_connection_t *conn, const char *question, char **answer, const char **errmsg)
int32_t networkstatus_get_bw_weight (networkstatus_t *ns, const char *weight, int32_t default_val)
const char * networkstatus_get_flavor_name (consensus_flavor_t flav)
int networkstatus_parse_flavor_name (const char *flavname)
void document_signature_free_ (document_signature_t *sig)
document_signature_tdocument_signature_dup (const document_signature_t *sig)
void networkstatus_free_all (void)
int networkstatus_get_weight_scale_param (networkstatus_t *ns)
void vote_routerstatus_free_ (vote_routerstatus_t *rs)
void set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo (routerstatus_t *rs, const node_t *node, const routerinfo_t *ri)

Detailed Description

Header file for networkstatus.c.

Definition in file networkstatus.h.

Function Documentation

◆ client_would_use_router()

int client_would_use_router ( const routerstatus_t rs,
time_t  now 

Return 0 if this routerstatus is obsolete, too new, isn't running, or otherwise not a descriptor that we would make any use of even if we had it. Else return 1.

Definition at line 2611 of file networkstatus.c.

References routerstatus_t::is_flagged_running, OLD_ROUTER_DESC_MAX_AGE, and routerstatus_t::published_on.

◆ compare_digest_to_routerstatus_entry()

int compare_digest_to_routerstatus_entry ( const void *  _key,
const void **  _member 

Helper for bsearching a list of routerstatus_t pointers: compare a digest in the key to the identity digest of a routerstatus_t.

Definition at line 694 of file networkstatus.c.

References DIGEST_LEN, routerstatus_t::identity_digest, and tor_memcmp().

Referenced by networkstatus_vote_find_entry_idx(), networkstatus_vote_find_mutable_entry(), and router_get_mutable_consensus_status_by_id().

◆ compare_digest_to_vote_routerstatus_entry()

int compare_digest_to_vote_routerstatus_entry ( const void *  _key,
const void **  _member 

Helper for bsearching a list of routerstatus_t pointers: compare a digest in the key to the identity digest of a routerstatus_t.

Definition at line 704 of file networkstatus.c.

References DIGEST_LEN, routerstatus_t::identity_digest, vote_routerstatus_t::status, and tor_memcmp().

Referenced by measured_bw_line_apply().

◆ consensus_is_waiting_for_certs()

int consensus_is_waiting_for_certs ( void  )

Return 1 if we have a consensus but we don't have enough certificates to start using it yet.

Definition at line 1333 of file networkstatus.c.

References consensus_waiting_for_certs_t::consensus, and consensus_waiting_for_certs.

Referenced by MOCK_IMPL().

◆ document_signature_dup()

document_signature_t* document_signature_dup ( const document_signature_t sig)

Return a newly allocated copy of sig

Definition at line 335 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ document_signature_free_()

void document_signature_free_ ( document_signature_t sig)

Free all storage held in sig

Definition at line 327 of file networkstatus.c.

References document_signature_t::signature, and tor_free.

◆ getinfo_helper_networkstatus()

int getinfo_helper_networkstatus ( control_connection_t conn,
const char *  question,
char **  answer,
const char **  errmsg 

If question is a string beginning with "ns/" in a format the control interface expects for a GETINFO question, set *answer to a newly-allocated string containing networkstatus lines for the appropriate ORs. Return 0 on success, -1 on unrecognized question format.

Definition at line 2636 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ networkstatus_check_consensus_signature()

int networkstatus_check_consensus_signature ( networkstatus_t consensus,
int  warn 

Given a v3 networkstatus consensus in consensus, check every as-yet-unchecked signature on consensus. Return 1 if there is a signature from every recognized authority on it, 0 if there are enough good signatures from recognized authorities on it, -1 if we might get enough good signatures by fetching missing certificates, and -2 otherwise. Log messages at INFO or WARN: if warn is over 1, warn about every problem; if warn is at least 1, warn only if we can't get enough signatures; if warn is negative, log nothing at all.

Definition at line 509 of file networkstatus.c.

References authority_cert_dl_looks_uncertain(), authority_cert_get_by_digests(), DIGEST_LEN, authority_cert_t::expires, get_n_authorities(), networkstatus_check_document_signature(), smartlist_add(), SMARTLIST_FOREACH_BEGIN, tor_assert(), tor_memeq(), networkstatus_t::type, V3_DIRINFO, and networkstatus_t::voters.

Referenced by networkstatus_note_certs_arrived().

◆ networkstatus_check_document_signature()

int networkstatus_check_document_signature ( const networkstatus_t consensus,
document_signature_t sig,
const authority_cert_t cert 

Check whether the signature sig is correctly signed with the signing key in cert. Return -1 if cert doesn't match the signing key; otherwise set the good_signature or bad_signature flag on voter, and return 0.

Definition at line 456 of file networkstatus.c.

References document_signature_t::alg, and DIGEST_LEN.

Referenced by networkstatus_check_consensus_signature().

◆ networkstatus_consensus_can_use_multiple_directories()

int networkstatus_consensus_can_use_multiple_directories ( const or_options_t options)

Check if we can use multiple directories for a consensus download. Only clients (including bridge relays, which act like clients) benefit from multiple simultaneous consensus downloads.

Definition at line 1520 of file networkstatus.c.

Referenced by update_consensus_bootstrap_multiple_downloads(), and update_consensus_networkstatus_downloads().

◆ networkstatus_consensus_download_failed()

void networkstatus_consensus_download_failed ( int  status_code,
const char *  flavname 

Called when an attempt to download a consensus fails: note that the failure occurred, and possibly retry.

Definition at line 1120 of file networkstatus.c.

References consensus_dl_status, download_status_failed, N_CONSENSUS_FLAVORS, networkstatus_parse_flavor_name(), tor_assert(), and update_consensus_networkstatus_downloads().

◆ networkstatus_consensus_reasonably_live()

int networkstatus_consensus_reasonably_live ( const networkstatus_t consensus,
time_t  now 

Determine if consensus is valid, or expired recently enough, or not too far in the future, so that we can still use it.

Return 1 if the consensus is reasonably live, or 0 if it is too old or too new.

Definition at line 1438 of file networkstatus.c.

Referenced by check_expired_networkstatus_callback(), and MOCK_IMPL().

◆ networkstatus_free_all()

void networkstatus_free_all ( void  )

Free all storage held locally in this module.

Definition at line 2767 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ networkstatus_get_bw_weight()

int32_t networkstatus_get_bw_weight ( networkstatus_t ns,
const char *  weight_name,
int32_t  default_val 

Return the value of a integer bw weight parameter from the networkstatus ns whose name is weight_name. If ns is NULL, try loading the latest consensus ourselves. Return default_val if no latest consensus, or if it has no parameter called weight_name.

Definition at line 2555 of file networkstatus.c.

References networkstatus_get_weight_scale_param(), and networkstatus_t::weight_params.

Referenced by networkstatus_verify_bw_weights().

◆ networkstatus_get_flavor_name()

const char* networkstatus_get_flavor_name ( consensus_flavor_t  flav)

◆ networkstatus_get_overridable_param()

int32_t networkstatus_get_overridable_param ( const networkstatus_t ns,
int32_t  torrc_value,
const char *  param_name,
int32_t  default_val,
int32_t  min_val,
int32_t  max_val 

As networkstatus_get_param(), but check torrc_value before checking the consensus. If torrc_value is in-range, then return it instead of the value from the consensus.

Definition at line 2522 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ networkstatus_get_voter_by_id()

networkstatus_voter_info_t* networkstatus_get_voter_by_id ( networkstatus_t vote,
const char *  identity 

Return the voter info from vote for the voter whose identity digest is identity, or NULL if no such voter is associated with vote.

Definition at line 426 of file networkstatus.c.

References SMARTLIST_FOREACH, and networkstatus_t::voters.

◆ networkstatus_get_voter_sig_by_alg()

document_signature_t* networkstatus_get_voter_sig_by_alg ( const networkstatus_voter_info_t voter,
digest_algorithm_t  alg 

Return the signature made by voter using the algorithm alg, or NULL if none is found.

Definition at line 440 of file networkstatus.c.

References networkstatus_voter_info_t::sigs, and SMARTLIST_FOREACH.

◆ networkstatus_get_weight_scale_param()

int networkstatus_get_weight_scale_param ( networkstatus_t ns)

Retrieve the consensus parameter that governs the fixed-point precision of our network balancing 'bandwidth-weights' (which are themselves integer consensus values). We divide them by this value and ensure they never exceed this value.

Definition at line 2542 of file networkstatus.c.


Referenced by networkstatus_get_bw_weight(), and networkstatus_verify_bw_weights().

◆ networkstatus_getinfo_by_purpose()

char* networkstatus_getinfo_by_purpose ( const char *  purpose_string,
time_t  now 

Alloc and return a string describing routerstatuses for the most recent info of each router we know about that is of purpose purpose_string. Return NULL if unrecognized purpose.

Right now this function is oriented toward listing bridges (you shouldn't use this for general-purpose routers, since those should be listed from the consensus, not from the routers list).

Definition at line 2422 of file networkstatus.c.

References router_get_routerlist(), ROUTER_MAX_AGE_TO_PUBLISH, and router_purpose_from_string().

◆ networkstatus_getinfo_helper_single()

char* networkstatus_getinfo_helper_single ( const routerstatus_t rs)

Generate networkstatus lines for a single routerstatus_t object, and return the result in a newly allocated string. Used only by controller interface (for now.)

Definition at line 2364 of file networkstatus.c.

References NS_CONTROL_PORT, and routerstatus_format_entry().

◆ networkstatus_is_live()

int networkstatus_is_live ( const networkstatus_t ns,
time_t  now 

Given a consensus in ns, return true iff currently live and unexpired.

Definition at line 1426 of file networkstatus.c.

References networkstatus_t::valid_after.

Referenced by MOCK_IMPL().

◆ networkstatus_map_cached_consensus()

tor_mmap_t* networkstatus_map_cached_consensus ( const char *  flavorname)

Map the file containing the current cached consensus of flavor flavorname

Definition at line 260 of file networkstatus.c.

References networkstatus_map_cached_consensus_impl(), and networkstatus_parse_flavor_name().

◆ networkstatus_note_certs_arrived()

void networkstatus_note_certs_arrived ( const char *  source_dir)

Called when we have gotten more certificates: see whether we can now verify a pending consensus.

If source_dir is non-NULL, it's the identity digest for a directory that we've just successfully retrieved certificates from, so try it first to fetch any missing certificates.

Definition at line 2205 of file networkstatus.c.

References consensus_waiting_for_certs_t::consensus, consensus_waiting_for_certs, N_CONSENSUS_FLAVORS, networkstatus_check_consensus_signature(), networkstatus_get_cache_fname(), networkstatus_get_flavor_name(), and reload_consensus_from_file().

◆ networkstatus_parse_flavor_name()

int networkstatus_parse_flavor_name ( const char *  flavname)

Return the consensus_flavor_t value for the flavor called flavname, or -1 if the flavor is not recognized.

Definition at line 2597 of file networkstatus.c.

Referenced by networkstatus_consensus_download_failed(), networkstatus_map_cached_consensus(), and networkstatus_set_current_consensus().

◆ networkstatus_reset_download_failures()

void networkstatus_reset_download_failures ( void  )

Reset the descriptor download failure count on all networkstatus docs, so that we can retry any long-failed documents immediately.

Definition at line 204 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ networkstatus_reset_warnings()

void networkstatus_reset_warnings ( void  )

Forget that we've warned about anything networkstatus-related, so we will give fresh warnings if the same behavior happens again.

Definition at line 191 of file networkstatus.c.

References have_warned_about_new_version, have_warned_about_old_version, node_t::name_lookup_warned, and SMARTLIST_FOREACH.

Referenced by routerlist_reset_warnings().

◆ networkstatus_set_current_consensus()

int networkstatus_set_current_consensus ( const char *  consensus,
size_t  consensus_len,
const char *  flavor,
unsigned  flags,
const char *  source_dir 

Try to replace the current cached v3 networkstatus with the one in consensus. If we don't have enough certificates to validate it, store it in consensus_waiting_for_certs and launch a certificate fetch.

If flags & NSSET_FROM_CACHE, this networkstatus has come from the disk cache. If flags & NSSET_WAS_WAITING_FOR_CERTS, this networkstatus was already received, but we were waiting for certificates on it. If flags & NSSET_DONT_DOWNLOAD_CERTS, do not launch certificate downloads as needed. If flags & NSSET_ACCEPT_OBSOLETE, then we should be willing to take this consensus, even if it comes from many days in the past.

If source_dir is non-NULL, it's the identity digest for a directory that we've just successfully retrieved a consensus or certificates from, so try it first to fetch any missing certificates.

Return 0 on success, <0 on failure. On failure, caller should increment the failure count as appropriate.

We return -1 for mild failures that don't need to be reported to the user, and -2 for more serious problems.

Definition at line 1902 of file networkstatus.c.

References approx_time(), and networkstatus_parse_flavor_name().

◆ networkstatus_valid_after_is_reasonably_live()

int networkstatus_valid_after_is_reasonably_live ( time_t  valid_after,
time_t  now 

As networkstatus_consensus_reasonably_live, but takes a valid_after time, and checks to see if it is in the past, or not too far in the future.

Definition at line 1456 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ networkstatus_valid_until_is_reasonably_live()

int networkstatus_valid_until_is_reasonably_live ( time_t  valid_until,
time_t  now 

As networkstatus_consensus_reasonably_live, but takes a valid_until time, and checks to see if it is in the future, or not too far in the past.

Definition at line 1466 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ networkstatus_vote_find_entry_idx()

int networkstatus_vote_find_entry_idx ( networkstatus_t ns,
const char *  digest,
int *  found_out 

Search the routerstatuses in ns for one whose identity digest is digest. Return value and set *found_out as for smartlist_bsearch_idx().

Definition at line 733 of file networkstatus.c.

References compare_digest_to_routerstatus_entry(), networkstatus_t::routerstatus_list, and smartlist_bsearch_idx().

◆ networkstatus_vote_find_mutable_entry()

routerstatus_t* networkstatus_vote_find_mutable_entry ( networkstatus_t ns,
const char *  digest 

As networkstatus_find_entry, but do not return a const pointer

Definition at line 714 of file networkstatus.c.

References compare_digest_to_routerstatus_entry(), networkstatus_t::routerstatus_list, and smartlist_bsearch().

Referenced by MOCK_IMPL().

◆ networkstatus_vote_free_()

void networkstatus_vote_free_ ( networkstatus_t ns)

◆ router_get_consensus_status_by_descriptor_digest()

const routerstatus_t* router_get_consensus_status_by_descriptor_digest ( networkstatus_t consensus,
const char *  digest 

Return the consensus view of the status of the router whose current descriptor digest in consensus is digest, or NULL if no such router is known.

Definition at line 767 of file networkstatus.c.

Referenced by signed_descs_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus().

◆ router_get_consensus_status_by_id()

const routerstatus_t* router_get_consensus_status_by_id ( const char *  digest)

Return the consensus view of the status of the router whose identity digest is digest, or NULL if we don't know about any such router.

Definition at line 841 of file networkstatus.c.

References router_get_mutable_consensus_status_by_id().

Referenced by connection_or_digest_is_known_relay().

◆ router_get_mutable_consensus_status_by_id()

routerstatus_t* router_get_mutable_consensus_status_by_id ( const char *  digest)

As router_get_consensus_status_by_id, but do not return a const pointer

Definition at line 828 of file networkstatus.c.

References compare_digest_to_routerstatus_entry(), networkstatus_t::routerstatus_list, and smartlist_bsearch().

Referenced by mark_all_dirservers_up(), and router_get_consensus_status_by_id().

◆ router_reload_consensus_networkstatus()

int router_reload_consensus_networkstatus ( void  )

Read every cached v3 consensus networkstatus from the disk.

Definition at line 270 of file networkstatus.c.

◆ routers_update_all_from_networkstatus()

void routers_update_all_from_networkstatus ( time_t  now,
int  dir_version 

If the network-status list has changed since the last time we called this function, update the status of every routerinfo from the network-status list. If dir_version is 2, it's a v2 networkstatus that changed. If dir_version is 3, it's a v3 consensus that changed.

Definition at line 2228 of file networkstatus.c.

References router_get_routerlist().

◆ routers_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus()

void routers_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus ( smartlist_t routers,
int  reset_failures 

Given a list routers of routerinfo_t *, update each status field according to our current consensus networkstatus. May re-order routers.

Definition at line 2292 of file networkstatus.c.

Referenced by router_load_routers_from_string().

◆ routerstatus_free_()

void routerstatus_free_ ( routerstatus_t rs)

Free all storage held by the routerstatus object rs.

Definition at line 317 of file networkstatus.c.

References routerstatus_t::exitsummary, and tor_free.

◆ set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo()

void set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo ( routerstatus_t rs,
const node_t node,
const routerinfo_t ri 

Extract status information from ri and from other authority functions and store it in rs. rs is zeroed out before it is set.

We assume that node->is_running has already been set, e.g. by dirserv_set_router_is_running(ri, now);

Definition at line 2380 of file networkstatus.c.

References routerstatus_t::is_authority.

Referenced by dirauth_set_routerstatus_from_routerinfo().

◆ should_delay_dir_fetches()

int should_delay_dir_fetches ( const or_options_t options,
const char **  msg_out 

Return 1 if there's a reason we shouldn't try any directory fetches yet (e.g. we demand bridges and none are yet known). Else return 0.

If we return 1 and msg_out is provided, set msg_out to an explanation of why directory fetches are delayed. (If we return 0, we set msg_out to NULL.)

Definition at line 1251 of file networkstatus.c.

References or_options_t::DisableNetwork.

Referenced by fetch_networkstatus_callback(), launch_descriptor_fetches_callback(), MOCK_IMPL(), update_all_descriptor_downloads(), update_consensus_networkstatus_downloads(), update_extrainfo_downloads(), update_microdesc_downloads(), update_networkstatus_downloads(), and update_router_descriptor_downloads().

◆ signed_descs_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus()

void signed_descs_update_status_from_consensus_networkstatus ( smartlist_t descs)

Given a list of signed_descriptor_t, update their fields (mainly, when they were last listed) from the most recent consensus.

Definition at line 2337 of file networkstatus.c.

References current_ns_consensus, networkstatus_t::desc_digest_map, DIGEST_LEN, router_get_consensus_status_by_descriptor_digest(), SMARTLIST_FOREACH, and networkstatus_t::valid_until.

◆ update_certificate_downloads()

void update_certificate_downloads ( time_t  now)

Launch requests as appropriate for missing directory authority certificates.

Definition at line 1315 of file networkstatus.c.

References authority_certs_fetch_missing(), consensus_waiting_for_certs, current_md_consensus, current_ns_consensus, and N_CONSENSUS_FLAVORS.

◆ update_consensus_networkstatus_fetch_time()

void update_consensus_networkstatus_fetch_time ( time_t  now)

Update the time at which we'll consider replacing the current consensus of flavor 'flavor'

Definition at line 1233 of file networkstatus.c.

References N_CONSENSUS_FLAVORS, update_consensus_networkstatus_fetch_time_impl(), and we_want_to_fetch_flavor().

◆ update_networkstatus_downloads()

void update_networkstatus_downloads ( time_t  now)

Launch requests for networkstatus documents as appropriate. This is called when we retry all the connections on a SIGHUP and periodically by a Periodic event which checks whether we want to download any networkstatus documents.

Launch a consensus download request, we will wait for the consensus to download and when it completes we will launch a certificate download request.

Definition at line 1301 of file networkstatus.c.

References should_delay_dir_fetches(), and update_consensus_networkstatus_downloads().

Referenced by fetch_networkstatus_callback().

◆ vote_routerstatus_free_()

void vote_routerstatus_free_ ( vote_routerstatus_t rs)

◆ we_want_to_fetch_flavor()

int we_want_to_fetch_flavor ( const or_options_t options,
int  flavor 

Return true iff, given the options listed in options, flavor is the flavor of a consensus networkstatus that we would like to fetch.

For certificate fetches, use we_want_to_fetch_unknown_auth_certs, and for serving fetched documents, use directory_caches_dir_info.

Definition at line 860 of file networkstatus.c.


Referenced by update_consensus_networkstatus_downloads(), update_consensus_networkstatus_fetch_time(), and update_consensus_networkstatus_fetch_time_impl().

◆ we_want_to_fetch_unknown_auth_certs()

int we_want_to_fetch_unknown_auth_certs ( const or_options_t options)

Return true iff, given the options listed in options, we would like to fetch and store unknown authority certificates.

For consensus and descriptor fetches, use we_want_to_fetch_flavor, and for serving fetched certificates, use directory_caches_unknown_auth_certs.

Definition at line 888 of file networkstatus.c.