File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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  appApp: top-level entry point for Tor
  configApp/config: Top-level configuration code
  mainApp/main: Entry point for tor
  coreCore: main loop and onion routing functionality
  cryptoCore/crypto: Tor-specific cryptography
  mainloopCore/mainloop: Non-onion-routing mainloop functionality
  orCore/or: Onion routing happens here!
  protoCore/proto: Protocol encoding/decoding
  extExternally maintained code
  featureFeature: domain-specific modules
  apiFeature/api: In-process interface to starting/stopping Tor
  clientFeature/client: Client-specific code
  controlFeature/control: Controller API
  dirauthFeature/dirauth: Directory authority implementation
  dircacheFeature/dircache: Run as a directory cache server
  dirclientFeature/dirclient: Directory client implementation
  dircommonFeature/dircommon: Directory client and server shared code
  dirparseFeature/dirparse: Parsing Tor directory objects
  hibernateFeature/hibernate: Bandwidth accounting and hibernation (!)
  hsFeature/hs: v3 (current) onion service protocol
  hs_commonFeature/hs_common: Common to v2 (old) and v3 (current) onion services
  keymgtFeature/keymgt: Store keys for relays, authorities, etc
  nodelistFeature/nodelist: Download and manage a list of relays
  relayFeature/relay: Relay-specific code
  statsFeature/stats: Relay statistics. Also, port prediction
  libLib: low-level functionality
  archLib/arch: Compatibility code for handling different CPU architectures
  bufLib/buf: An efficient byte queue
  ccLib/cc: Macros for managing the C compiler and language
  compressLib/compress: Wraps several compression libraries
  confLib/conf: Types and macros for declaring configuration options
  confmgtLib/confmgt: Parse, encode, manipulate configuration files
  containerLib/container: Hash tables, dynamic arrays, bit arrays, etc
  crypt_opsLib/crypt_ops: Cryptographic operations
  ctimeLib/ctime: Constant-time code to avoid side-channels
  defsLib/defs: Lowest-level constants, used in many places
  dispatchLib/dispatch: In-process message delivery
  encodingLib/encoding: Encoding data in various forms, types, and transformations
  errLib/err: Lowest-level error handling code
  evloopLib/evloop: Low-level event loop
  fdioLib/fdio: Code to read/write on file descriptors
  fsLib/fs: Files, filenames, directories, etc
  geoipLib/geoip: IP-to-country mapping
  intmathLib/intmath: Integer mathematics
  llhardenLib/llharden: low-level unconditional process hardening
  lockLib/lock: Simple locking support
  logLib/log: Log messages to files, syslogs, etc
  mallocLib/malloc: Wrappers and utilities for memory management
  mathLib/math: Floating-point math utilities
  memareaLib/memarea: A fast arena-style allocator
  meminfoLib/meminfo: Inspecting system memory availability
  metricsLib/metrics: Metrics collection API
  netLib/net: Low-level network-related code
  osinfoLib/osinfo: For inspecting the OS version and capabilities
  processLib/process: Launch and manage subprocesses
  pubsubLib/pubsub: Publish-subscribe message passing
  sandboxLib/sandbox: Linux seccomp2-based sandbox
  smartlist_coreLib/smartlist_core: Minimal dynamic array implementation
  stringLib/string: Low-level string manipulation
  subsysLib/subsys: Types for declaring a "subsystem"
  termLib/term: Terminal operations (password input)
  testsupportLib/testsupport: Helpers for test-only code and for function mocking
  threadLib/thread: Mid-level threading
  timeLib/time: Higher-level time functions
  tlsLib/tls: TLS library wrappers
  traceLib/trace: Function-tracing functionality API
  versionLib/version: holds the current version of Tor
  wallclockLib/wallclock: Inspect and manipulate the current time
  toolsTools: other command-line tools for use with Tor
 tor_runner.cExperimental module to emulate tor_run_main() API with fork+exec